Christina Maria Beelen

Activity in Canada Montreal
After my studies I started to work intensively. The desire to shape my thoughts and feelings was my constant motivation.
The central theme of my work is the concept of Fulfillment.
After the awakening of the spirit into matter, matter became man.
The great quest has begun.
There comes a time for all of us that we have to answer the questions, awareness brings us. The day we can give ourselves the answer is the day we understand who we are. Then we can start looking for our own mission in life. Without this deep awareness and respect for life all things crumble.
My art makes tangible how the beauty of love is the soul of any beauty, the happiness of one who loves, is the core of any joyful beauty.


The love and tenderness, but also respect for the origin of life, fills me with a deep joy. This emotion becomes poetry, image and language. Hoping to reach the heart of my fellow-creature.