Self-taught artist, born in Friedrichshafen, Germany in 1954, on Lake Constance. Her workshop is in Metz, France. After various professional experiences, and through her travels, he is from the new millennium, which Déesse, decided to practice their art projects.
Déesse sculptures, are a synthesis of current trends. Her art has an influence inspired by the “bad graffiti and painting.” She applies the Pop style, especially brightly colored cubism, borrowed from Brazil. In short, a carnival of colors.
Déesse inspirations, go through Mondrian, Paul Klee, Malevich, Vasarely, who knew the family. Obviously, we do not name the many sculptors and trends that inspired her work every day.
Déesse extols the canons of beauty of the opulent shapes and recalls the desire for harmony conducive femininity. She represents femininity, in the monumental, buxom and voluptuous sculpture. The “Beach Heart” series for instance, for their generous curves reveals motherhood and heart shaped head shows her mood. Ther series suggests a sensual dance to express their happiness. Déesse like any artist, he lives in her own universe, through which expresses its great sensitivity.


Her travels, and insatiable thirst for expression, allowing him to develop her magnificent art.
She never ceases to amaze and is distinguished by its collections:
Bathers, Beach Heart, Diva, Happy, Duffy
Her sculptures are made of resin, marble dust and are painted by hand. Déesse, it has exhibits in France, in numerous galleries in Europe and around the world. Each of her pieces is made by hand, painted, numbered and signed. Thus, each piece is different, unique, and it is impossible to have all parts permanently available. In ther way, you will realize that you have at home a work of art and not just a decorative object.