Luk Wets

As a visual artist, he has numerous artistic interests: painter, sculptor, but especially installation artist with a preference for in situ art projects. Art in the public space takes into account the specific individuality of the chosen place. Nature as an exhibition space adds meaning and contributes to the interpretation of the work. The spectator can create his own story around the artwork. This is how interaction is created between the artwork, the viewer and the environment. He also often uses language as an element in the search for the interfaces with the spatial context.
He is a curator for Crelan (3 exhibitions a year at the headquarters in Anderlecht), co-founder of the Collective Pep-In-Gen (PIG) ​​since 1993 and Art in Pepingen (KIP) since 2007.
Laureate of several national and international competitions and this year selected for the Beaufort 2015 art triennial. As part of the group installation in the church of Blankenberge, he shows a model – responding to the theme as a design intended for monumental execution.


This installation is an idea of ​​the collective A Dog Republic that will be present in all coastal municipalities with their extensive project “Musée Promenade”. (June 21 – September 21)
In the clair / obscur exhibition he shows new sculptures in black marble (Noir de Mazy), paying particular attention to the skin of the stone, inspired by the sensitive prints in analogue black and white photography.